Who We Are

Mundo Lux provides partners with expertize unrivaled in the industry. With premier technology and complete services, Mundo Lux is the only source you need for your mobile needs.

At Mundo Lux, we work with our clients on every facet to market, distribute and monetize digital content for mobile devices. Our team of experts can provide insight, analysis and a strong foundation to help partners make the most of their mobile initiatives. The Mobile Industry is our forte and we sincerely believe we can help any company as an aggregator, mobile enabler and content messaging supplier.

What We Do

By building strong relationships with our partners, Mundo Lux works to help provide businesses around the globe create successful mobile campaigns and increase brand awareness in the mobile space. Mundo Lux offers extensive and comprehensive solutions for mobile campaigns from every aspect including creative design, consulting, content management and messaging connections.

We pride ourselves in connecting with our partners to understand their business inside and out. With our robust technological infrastructure and continued focus on improvement and innovation, we provide our clients with a complete analysis of mobile campaigns that drive strong ROI.

Mundo Lux operates globally in key geographic regions to monetize and distribute content across an extensive list of carrier networks internationally. We are continually growing and provide innovation in the industry to enhance technological platforms and excel in value-added services.

Why Work With Us

Mundo Lux works with our clients to create unique, customized offers based on the clients’ individual needs, while managing minimal risk solutions for our advertisers on a performance budget.

Traffic from over 150 countries and territories brings a global approach to performance-based marketing, resulting in over 20 million unique clicks per day for our clients.

Whether you’re a publisher looking to join a world-leading ad network, or an advertiser looking to grow your business and increase market share, Mundo Lux will ensure your needs are met with unsurpassed quality. Our highly-trained staff are available in real-time, around the clock, to help diversify your business and achieve the success you’re looking for.

Contact us today to find out what Mundo Lux do for you.

We Aim To Understand Your Goals.

Mundo Lux aims to understand your goals and works with you to build custom campaigns for your business needs. Contact us today to begin the discussion.



The Tools We Use


AdClarity is a marketing intelligence tool for anyone who works in the online advertising industry. Regardless if you are an Advertiser, Agency, Publisher, or Ad Network, AdClarity provides you with the actionable insights you need to create the best possible digital advertising campaigns for you or your clients. By uncovering your competitors’ online strategies, you can discover new traffic sources, sites or publishers to work with, see which of them are most successful, find out what the best creatives, landing pages, offerings and campaigns are, to extend your reach to new target audiences and grow your client-base worldwide.


BrandVerity provides services that detect online brand and trademark abuse. The technology investments made by infringers have drastically outpaced the investments by brand owners. We intend to change that. Our services are simple, straightforward and extremely good at what they do. PoachMark, our first service, detects affiliate abuse of paid search policies. The service captures some of the most sophisticated techniques employed by trademark poachers and surfaces actionable information to our customers.


ForensIQ is an affiliate fraud detection and compliance monitoring service that identifies and eliminates fraud and low-quality traffic sources to improve online advertising campaign performance. ForensIQ will optimize online advertising campaigns (CPA, CPL, CPC, PPC and CPM), as well as improve ROI and increase traffic quality. The service features leading technology and sophisticated algorithms, as well as a team of dedicated compliance monitoring experts to help you enhance campaign performance and increase earnings for Cost Per Action (CPA) campaigns.


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