Media buyers, agencies or trading desks looking to benefit from custom built digital advertising solutions.


Mundo Lux is committed to offering all of our publishers the following benefits:

Global Advertisers

Direct relationships with nearly 2,000 advertisers worldwide, spanning across a wide variety of vertical channels including Mobile Apps, Games, Downloads, Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance or Gambling

Unparalleled Service

An industry-leading Publisher Management team that provide around-the-clock account management and unparalleled industry expertise to ensure that you are maximizing your ROI

Proprietary Technology

Cutting edge proprietary technology, allowing you to gain insights from real-time reports and tracking across both web and mobile platforms

Custom Interface

A custom designed user interface which boasts easy navigation, advanced campaign keyword searching capabilities, granular statistic reporting in multiple formats, the ability to add multiple regular and server-to-server pixels and an informative Publisher Resources section

Creative Optimization

Access to our creative team, who can help design and optimize exclusive landing page and banner creatives to help you increase your campaign profitability

Worldwide Presence

Continuous support thanks to our worldwide presence






Work with us

Mundo Lux is your gateway to world’s biggest advertisers and exclusive offers. Regardless of your traffic specialty – whether it be Mobile, Display, Search, Social or Email – we provide publishers with everything that is needed to maximize ROI and take your business to the next level.

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